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External Social Media Policy Resolution
The Fondazione Lirico Sinfonica Petruzzelli e Teatri di Bari (hereafter, “The Foundation”) was established by Italian Law No 310/2003 and aims to provide Bari, the Metropolitan City of Bari, as well as the Puglia Region with a facility which is essential for performing opera and symphonies.Statuto.
In order to inform, communicate and keep users up to date on the activities being performed, the Foundation uses Web 2.0 tools.The websites and the social networks which the Foundation uses are therefore managed by staff delegated thereto, who may occasionally employ associates and external consultants.


The contents published on the website and social media are designed to inform users about the main activities carried out by the Foundation, its projects and initiatives, the events it promotes as well as news regarding the world of art, entertainment and culture.
In addition, the social networks are used to encourage user involvement through dialogue with a view to transparency and sharing.
The staff creates original content in the form of text, photography, infographics, video, etc. which may be used under aCreative Commons Attribution + Non-commercial + NoDerivatives (BY-NC-ND) License Version 4.0 International. The Foundation’s channels may also be used to share content and messages of public interest and usefulness created by third parties (such as institutions, associations, news organisations and users).
The presence of advertising space on the margins of the content published on the social media pages used by the Foundation is not under its control, but is managed independently by the managers of individual social networks.


The Foundation’s social media channels are constantly and systematically moderated by staff delegated thereto.
The Foundation is committed to managing spaces for communication and dialogue within our profiles on other social networks, asking our users – who can actively participate through interactions such as comments, posts or self-published content – to respect the following simple rules:

  1. Everyone is asked to express their opinion fairly and openly without using provocative and disdainful language, relying as far as possible on verifiable factual data and objective circumstances, and to respect the opinions of others and the image of the Foundation, its staff, associates and suppliers.
  2. On social media, everyone is responsible for the content that they publish and the opinions they express.
    In any case, no insults, vulgarity, offensive behaviour, threats and, in general, violent attitudes will be tolerated
  3. All contents that are published shall always respect people’s privacy.
    Any references to facts or details outside the public domain and which might encroach on an individual’s personal sphere must be avoided.
  4. It is crucial that the topics reflect the aims of the Foundation: these spaces shall not in any way be used for anything other than the institutional purposes of the Foundation.
  5. Each discussion shall be based on a specific theme: we ask all participants to respect it, without broadening the debate into more generic and indiscriminate areas.
  6. No form of advertising, spam or promotion of private interests or illegal activities will be tolerated.
  7. Any content that violates copyright or unauthorized use of registered trademarks shall be forbidden.

In any case, the Staff shall remove or hide any posts, comments or audio/video materials that:
– contain political or propaganda materials
– are written in inappropriate language and/or a threatening, violent, vulgar or disrespectful tone and/or attitude
– are offensive, defamatory or disparaging towards the Foundation in such a way as to damage the image and reputation of the Foundation
– contain illicit materials or which encourage the reader to engage in illegal activities
– contain offensive, deceptive or alarmist material, or any material in violation of third party rights
– disclose data and information of a personal nature or which may damage the reputation of third parties
– contain obscene, pornographic or child pornographic materials, or any materials which offend common morality and user sensitivity
– discriminate on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, language, religious beliefs, political opinions, sexual orientation, age, personal and social conditions
– promote or support illegal activities that violate copyrights or use a registered trade mark in an inappropriate way{MQ}
Any user who repeatedly violates these conditions or those contained in the policies of the platforms used by the Foundation, may be banned or blocked (when possible after an initial warning) in order to prevent further such actions, and may be reported to the executive of said platforms and even to law enforcement organizations (in the event of criminal offences having been committed).
Any messages containing personal data (email addresses, telephone numbers, addresses, etc.) may be removed for the protection of the persons concerned.


Please note that the processing of users’ personal data corresponds to current policies on the platforms used.
Any personal or sensitive data included in comments or public posts on the Foundation’s social media pages will be removed.
Any data shared by users through private messages sent directly to the network managers will be processed in compliance with Italian laws on privacy and the Foundation’s privacy policy.


Please send any reports to the following:
Fondazione Lirico Sinfonica Petruzzelli e Teatri di Bari: Strada San Benedetto, 15 Bari
Telephone: 080-9752890
certified e-mail address:


– Facebook

On Facebook you may comment on and share the published content in compliance with the rules set out in this social media policy. You may interact with the Foundation, both publicly and through private messages, but remember that Facebook pages should not be considered as help pages.
The address of the official page is
Any other Facebook pages using the Foundation’s name are not managed by us.

– Twitter

On Twitter you may tweet, retweet and comment on the published content in compliance with the rules set out in this social media policy. You may interact with the Foundation, both publicly and through Direct Messages, but remember that Twitter accounts should not be considered as help pages.
The official account is
Any other Twitter accounts using the Foundation’s name are not managed by us.

– Instagram

On Instagram you can view and comment on the photos shared by the Foundation relating to the activities, programmes and events we promote or put on.
The official account is
Any other Instagram accounts using the Foundation’s name are not managed by us.